Kennedy Leigh


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Twistys Kennedy Leigh is featured in the episode and photo set called “This Girl Got Class”. Just like most blonde girls, Kennedy Leigh is quite the popular babe since she has the beautiful face, the tantalizing blue eyes and the hot body no one can turn down. But unlike some other blondes who appear like ditzy girls, Kennedy Leigh has the class and sass and she makes men work to get what they want. In this episode, Kennedy Leigh teases the hell out of everyone as she shows off her sexy physique and her never ending thirst for wild sex.

Rilee Marks


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Twistys Rilee Marks is the delicious brunette who stars in the episode called “Sexy Marks The Spot”. Rilee Marks is just the right babe we need to quench the heat on a scorching summer day. Rilee Marks is on a lounge bed next to the pool looking all sexy and seductive. She makes our temperatures rise even further when she takes off all her clothes and begins to caress herself using soft strokes of her well-manicured hands. Rilee Marks sure knows how to make the men folks mouths water. Check out the rest of her video clip and photo set right here.



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Twistys Chloe is the young all natural babe who is featured in the video clip entitled “Have Some Fun With Chloe”. Like most young ladies, Chloe like make-up, fashion and dainty things. But unlike the other chicks who are so into getting fake tits and all sorts of treatments, Chloe likes keeping her body real including her hairy snatch. In this episode we get to see Chloe open up and share and intimate moment right from her bedroom. No one is home so Chloe lets it all hang loose and she allows to watch her up close. Gotta love natural chicks!

Natashas Malkova


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Twistys Natasha Malkova is the hot babe who stars in the episode called “Perfect Pearl”. True to the title, Natasha Malkova exudes perfection and class. The long haired beauty is inside a posh penthouse, clad in posh fashion including pearls and white heels. She may be classy and sassy but Natasha Malkova has needs just like any other woman. She sexy seductress soon strips off her clothes and straddles the leather sofa. Natasha Malkova teasingly glides her fingers and palms all over until she gets herself hornier than ever. Find out how Natasha Malkova likes to be pleased right here.

Alexis Texas


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Twistys Alexis Texas is the hot blonde babe featured in “Booty Cutie”. In this video clip and photo set you will clearly get to see why Alexis Texas is one of our favourite blondes. Alexis Texas sure knows how to tease as she puts on her most playful attitude ever. Once she feels horny, Alexis Texas rids of her clothes and lets us ogle and drool at her flawless physique. We absolutely love her perky tits with little pink nipples, her flat stomach, toned arms and legs and her twat covered in a patch of hair. This chick is a big turn on!

Roxanne Milana


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Twistys Roxanne Milana plays the sexy prima ballerina in the episode and photo set called “En Pointe”. The playful brunette beauty shows more than her grace at dancing but her flawless physique as well. Roxanne Milana wows in her sheer clothing but makes our mouths drop when she takes them off. Roxanne Milana’s large tits are to die for and look absolutely delicious for sucking, motorboating and tit fucking. While others may look at ballerinas with respect for their craft and classiness, we can’t help but think dirty thoughts of violating this gorgeous dancer. Roxanne Milana is so damn hot!

Veronika Fasterova


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Twistys Veronika Fasterova is the enticing young blonde we get to know in the photo set and video clip called “Double Your Veronika Day”. Sometimes it is difficult to get a man’s attention and though it is hard to believe, Veronika Fasterova has been very frustrated because she is not able to get her way and feel satisfied lately. In an attempt to seduce and get the bang of her life, Veronika Fasterova gives a limited time offer, something no man can resist. We get a fair idea with this teaser photo but you have to watch it to believe it.

Staci Silverstone


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Twistys Staci Silverstone is the gorgeous blonde goddess who stars in “Looking and Loving It”. Staci Silverstone knows she has the looks, the body and the appeal of a total sex kitten but what we love about her is how she absolutely stays classy on the outside despite being quite the horny bitch on the inside. Staci Silverstone gives us a little tour of her charming abode and then slowly teases by taking off her clothes and leaving just her pearl necklace and heels as she caresses her skin. Will she do more? Find out the answer right over here.

Samantha Saint


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Twistys Samantha Saint is the sexy chick we simply love who stars in the sensual episode called “A Vision in White”. Do not let her name and her angelic looks fool you. Samantha Saint may seem like the nice conservative girl but she is actually one freak in the bedroom. Samantha Saint has the pretty face and the sweet smile that captures hearts but it is her delicious body that makes mouths water and dicks rock hard. Samantha Saint likes to tease before she goes on to please and that is exactly what she wants you to see right here.

Barbie Girl


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Twistys Barbie Girl is the delicious blonde who is featured in the episode called “In A Barbie World”. Barbie Girl is the personification of the perfect woman—the doll come to life. Dressed in a sexy plaid pink cropped top and mini skirt, Barbie Girl shows us around her room with interiors decorated just like a Barbie’s dream room. But unlike the doll with stiff and plastic features, Barbie Girl shows off her real body including her perky breasts with nipples that get easily stiff to the touch. This masturbation video is everything a man could want and then more!